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ALEXA D!SASTER // Disastrowitsch // AL-D!

Alexa D Saster is a DJ, musician and crossover artist based in Berlin.

DJ Alexa D!saster is a record collector and sound-explorer. Her dj-sets are exotic and eclectic and are based on underground (dance) music. She's spinning her records in Berlin's subculture spots and elsewhere in Germany and Europe. As well as on festivals like Fusion (DE), Crack! (IT) or Garbicz Festival (PL).

Alexa is a guitarist and singer and plays in different formations. With her solo projects Disastrowitsch and AL-D! she combines electronic sounds with vocals and electric-guitar. Alexa works with loops and effects and creates a smooth, cineastic atmosphere full of lo-fi sound-layers.
The past years Alexa D!saster hit the road across Europe as dj and/or musician. She has been toured here and there in Germany, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Italy.

As Dr. D!saster she is hosting together with Professor Arcane Onde (aka Andrea Noce) a radio show called Dance of the Cosmo Aliens.

In addition to her musical work, Alexa is working as comic artist (KATO Comics), webdesigner and is organizer of concerts and events like Golden Disko or the outernational friend:ship

From 2008 - 2011, Alexa has been shop owner of KATO Comicshop in Hamburg.